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I have made a simple program to demonstrate cga 160x100 mode on old 8088 DOS machines using Netwide Assembler. SvarDOS allowed me to setup a system where i can easily run any one of seven different emulators from the command line, to boot directly into my COM program running in the emulator without having to click any gui buttons. This makes it very easy to do the edit-assemble-test cycle. I have the script setup to use SvarDOS 360k disk1 as "A:", and then i build the COM program to be in disk "B:", then automodify the autoexec.bat in Svardos to switch to B: after boot and load the COM program SvarDOS made this possible, so thanks SvarDOS!
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Hello Don, Well done on your tutorial! It appears to be a very thoroughly researched documentation on this mysterious CGA 160x100 topic. I'm glad that SvarDOS was helpful. Working with 360k floppies (virtual or not) can be a little bit challenging at times, I'm happy to learn that adding support for 360K floppies in SvarDOS' build process wasn't a vain task. :) Mateusz

Thread locked due to inactivity since over 365 days.