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Translating Install messages

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Hi Matheusz, I am wondering why the install message file br_utf8.txt has the correct message that I translated, but the final build does not show it. The former incorrect message is always shown. The correct file was fixed in local build, but the result is still the old one... maybe I am missing something? The welcome message in Portuguese language svn/install/trunk/nls/br_utf8.txt (Item 6.0 at the end) is "Bem vindo ao SvarDOS", but after install it still shows "BIM vindo ao SvarDOS" yet, despite updating my local build again and again (this typo was already fixed before). Please tell me if there is some hidden step to update the language install file, before build, that I do not know. Can you make a small guide to make a full local build, including updated translations?
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Hello Luzemário, The /install svn tree contains development files of the SvarDOS installer, but these are not used by the build process. The build process takes the install.* files from /files/floppy. The reason for this is that the build process does not compile DOS binaries at all, it relies on precompiled files that have been produced and vetted by a sentient being and assembles installation images based on that. To answer your question, I would recommend copying your updated install.lng file to the /files/floppy directory, and then running the usual script to compute a new ISO. To generate a new install.lng file you need to compile the install program with OpenWatcom (wmake). This processes all ??_utf8.txt, converts them to suitable codepages using utf8tocp and packs them into a single install.lng file. Let me know if you get into issues or if you are missing any of the necessary toolchains to perform these operations, so then I will push it myself. Mateusz
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I have regenerated install.lng today when adapting the installer to the new FDISK binary, hence the new translations have been included in the new iso: I checked a BR install and it seems the welcome message is the correct one now ("Bem vindo..."). Mateusz

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