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Two panel file manager

Would it make sense to include Volkov Commander as a package? It is a shareware and works from 8086 up.
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Hello Enness, technically it could totally make sense, yes. VC is a very good, competently designed software. I am not sure however, if the author would agree with VC being re-packaged and distributed in such way. Shareware software often have strict redistribution rules that may be incompatible with repackaging. In the ZIP archive with VC version 4.05 I see this: The Program could be included in CDROM collections, subscription download areas, BBS packages, provided it remains in its complete and unmodified original archive. Any chance you could get in touch with the author about this? Perhaps he would agree to a repackaged distribution of VC for SvarDOS... Side note: there is an ongoing issue between SvarCOM and VC, described here: I made a couple of attempts to locate the problem, unfortunately without success so far - but it's still high on my list of things to solve. Mateusz
Does not seem to be able to reach the author any more

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