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SvarDOS MORE (a small "MORE" tool)

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This is a little thing that I worked on during a couple of evenings: a "MORE" command that adapts its language based on the LANG environment variable and that fits in a single disk sector (512 bytes). I did it mainly because I was annoyed by the size of the FreeDOS MORE (7 KB, UPXed). It was also a nice pretext to play with the very cool A72 assembler that I have recently discovered. As a consequence I renamed the FreeDOS MORE in the packages repo so it became "FDMORE", and the standard, default "MORE" package contains the new (tiny) MORE now. The new MORE is installed by default, and it is also proposed by "pkgnet checkup". The tool also has its own website: Mateusz
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For the record: A72 assembler is available from

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