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SvarDOS fits on a single 1.44M floppy now

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So far, the only single-floppy version of SvarDOS was the 2.88M floppy image, but that's not really a "true" floppy since such drives were never mainstream. Today I fiddled with the SvarDOS build process and managed to fit it all on a single 1.44M. Well, I did cheat - but only a little: - the installer is EN-only (like on 360K floppies) - the floppy is DMF-formatted (80 cyls, 2 heads, 21 secs) DMF-formatted floppies should work on most floppy drives from the 90s. Microsoft used DMF-formatted floppies for distribution back in the day. Wanna test it out? -> Mateusz
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