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Hi all, I was so free to add my ASM6502 assembler as a package. In combination with the excellent emulators that SvarDOS provides, like VICE for Commodore 64 emulation, and STELLA for emulation of the Atari VCS gaming system, one has a nice 6502 retro development platform. Two introductory examples are provided, one for the C64, and one for the Atari VCS. Greetings, Bernd
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Hello Bernd, I have tested ASM6502 and it works flawlessly as far as I can tell. Thanks for this awesome contribution! The only nitpick I could find is that the line endings are not consistent: the readme.txt and assembly examples are CR/LF, while the license file and the manual are LF-only. I noticed this when trying to read LICENSE.TXT with TYPE, as it came out all garbled on screen. I like that after assembling the example PRGs there is a short instruction about how to install & run VICE or Stella in SvarDOS. That's a touching attention, so very cool! This all made me remember ancient times when as a teenager I have spent entire nights typing in some esoteric lines into an Atari 800XL, wondering what will come out of it. Life was full of wonders and mysteries back then. :) Mateusz
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Well, I start to hate that line encodings :-) I today changed the license from BSD to MIT (copied it from the net) and forgot to take care of the endings. I will correct it and re-upload the .svp package as asm6502-23.11+1.svp in the next days. Glad you like it. It is very cool that the emulators are provided by SvarDOS. Some time ago I searched for a simple solution to for example boot straight into a C64 emulator, but did not want to install a Linux for it. But this is perfect. Bernd

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