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How to contribute

Hi, I have already posted several issues on the bug tracker today. It was my first encounter with SvarDOS. I really enjoyed it and would like to embrace the project somehow. How can I contribute further? Do you need some translations (English <->Spanish or may be other Latin languages?)? Also it seems that there are some newer versions of a couple of the packages you have listed, and I would like to offer you suggestions for more programs which are in-line with the goals of SvarDOS. In any case, thank you for the work you 've been doing.
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Hello igully, Thanks for your feedback. Yes I noticed your bug tracker inputs earlier today, very much appreciated - I will get to them tomorrow. About contributions: any help is always welcome. I think there are basically three kind of things that SvarDOS needs: 1. Low-level (ASM/C) development, mostly on the installer and SvarCOM 2. Documentation. Notably the system's HELP would really need some love. 3. Packaging. I understand you are not a developer, so items 2 and 3 would be probably relevant if you'd like to put in some efforts. :-) As you noted there are packages that might be out of date, so it would be nice to create new packages with updated versions. Also providing any other packaged software that is nice and useful (not necessarily open-source, freeware is also fine as long as it redistribution as a package is allowed). So I'd suggest you could maybe start there - looking at how SvarDOS packages are made and try to create one or two so you can get the hang of it? Then upload them to some free/temporary hosting somewhere so I'd get them, review and possibly put into the SvarDOS repo. If you get good at it, then at a later time you could push packages into the repo yourself. Let me know. Mateusz
Hi Mateusz, Last time I developed for DOS I was a teenager using assembler to create computer virii using Ralf's Brown Interrupt List in Norton Guides format, Borland Turbo Assembler, Hiew, Sourcer and other cool tools (back then). But, that was about 30 years ago. Now I am 45, so I can probably get re-acquainted with assembler on DOS sometime in the future. For now, I will start to play around items 2 and 3 according to your suggestions and see what can come out of it and communicate it over here. Thank you for your time and for SvarDOS. Ignacio

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