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freedos FDISK and EDRDOS

I have a noob question. I am running an XT class machine (Sergey's Micro8088 with a v20) with an XT-IDE card hitched to a 33GB PATA SSD. (No spinning rust for me.) On this drive, I have used freedos FDISK as included in SvarDOS to create a 2gb, fat16 boot drive, and a 29GB fat32 data drive. This is because FreeDOS kept throwing IOCHR NMI errors when trying to boot from a fat32 filesystem regardless of the fat32 filesystem's size. I am thinking about switching to EDRDOS via the EDRDOS package. Will EDRDOS handle the freedos filesystems correctly? I've had weird compatibility issues previously. Thanks. -JRS
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Hello JRS, The EDR kernel as proposed in SvarDOS in still somewhat experimental, although preliminary tests did not exhibit any issues for me. ECM and Bernd are doing an outstanding job in the context of EDR kernel development. EDR does support FAT32, hence you should not run into issues using it with your 29GB partition. I can only encourage you to try. If you do get into some compatibility troubles, then please let us know - preferably through the SvarDOS-EDR git tracker: Bernd is highly active in both the EDR and Free-FDISK projects, so I'm sure he'd be very interested to look into any incompatibility between the two. cheers Mateusz
Many thanks.
Hello JRS, Question: does the FreeDOS kernel shipped with SvarDOS also causes problems, or is it the kernel shipped with the FreeDOS distribution? If it is concerning the FreeDOS distribution, I think the guys of the FreeDOS kernel team would be very interested in a bug report. Perhaps this can be solved by a kernel patch. We had previously already implemented a few fixes / workarounds for Sergeys BIOS in Free FDISK, bootloaders and the kernel, specifically for the broken BIOS versions 0.9.4 and below. You may report bugs at The kernel in the EDRDOS package should work with FAT-32 file systems created by the SvarDOS provided FDISK. If you encounter bugs, please report them, like Mateusz mentioned, at Due to the lack of hardware, debugging will probably be hard. But we'll do our best. If you do not have a Github account, you may alternatively report them here. Greetings, Bernd

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