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Pleae write an installation guide.

Dear Mateus, Why is the Svar-Dos CD-ROM only 1.59 MB? Can I install from the CD Repo, putting it on pen drive? Please write an installation guide. Caro Mateus, perchè il CD-ROM di svar-dos è di solo 1,59 MB ? Posso installare dal cd repo, mettendolo su pen drive ? Per piacere scrivi una guida all'installazione.
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Hello Niki, SvarDOS is a very compact MS-DOS-compatible system. It focuses on being as light and compact as possible. The installation CDROM is 1.59 MB simply because that is the size of the SvarDOS core system (it also fits on a single 1.44M floppy). If you prefer to use a bootable pendrive, then there is a special image for this, it's called "Bootable USB image" and you can download it from the SvarDOS' main web page. It needs to be written to a USB pendrive using a sector-level tool, like "dd" in Linux. The CD repo is not a bootable CD. It is only a CD-ROM that contains all packages available through the network repository. You do not need this to install the SvarDOS system, it is only useful for installing extra software on a PC that has no internet connectivity. Having an installation guide would be nice indeed, although I'm reluctant to invest time into such task at this moment. Perhaps could you contribute such document based on your findings? I understand you are a beginner in the DOS world, so your fresh look might be very helpful as you would focus on things that are essential to a newcomer. Let us know if you get into any kind of issues. Mateusz
But dear, dear Mateusz, what I want to tell you why you didn't do like Jim Hall, and put everything on one CD-ROM?! With Svarog386 you did this too. I don't want to have 2 pen drives! :( Ma caro, egregio Mateusz, quello che voglio dirti perché non hai fatto come Jim Hall, e mettevi tutto su un unico CD-ROM?! Con Svarog386 anche tu facevi così. Non voglio avere 2 pen-drive! :(
Mateus be reasonable! There is 700MB of data on a CD-ROM! Why make 2???? The name Svarog386 was nicer, and his site more informative. Mateus sii ragionevole ! Su un cd-rom ci vanno 700MB di dati ! Perchè farne 2 ???? Il nome Svarog386 era più bello, e il suo sito più ricco di informazioni.
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Hello Niki, SvarDOS is an ongoing project, things change slowly and iteratively. The repo CD is a recent development that I have added in February: It is very true that it would be nice that the repo CD includes the latest version of the installer. It would be certainly more convenient for CD-ROM users. It's just something that someone needs to do, test and automate. Things take time, please be patient. :-) For the time being I have created a github issue about it so it is not forgotten: I'm happy to hear that you liked the Svarog386 project, and I thank you for your support. SvarDOS is the continuation of Svarog386, but with a larger compatibility scope. Svarog386 was limited to 386+ machines, while SvarDOS is compatible even with ancient 8086 PCes having 256K of RAM (hence the different name). If you used Svarog386 before, then you should have no issue with SvarDOS. It is even possible to convert old Svarog386 systems to SvarDOS, should you wish to do so. BTW - SvarDOS' installer supports the Italian language, but the SvarDOS command interpreter does not. Maybe you'd be interested in translating it to your language? Mateusz
The situation has improved ? La situazione è migliorata ?
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Hello, Some packages cannot be translated at all because the do not support NLS yet (and it is the same for FreeDOS, since the packages came from FreeDOS). Some are already translated to Italian, and some other need to be translated. Here below I prepared the list of all CORE packages with a status of their Italian support. Already translated: CHOICE DISKCOPY FC FDISK FIND MEM MORE SORT TREE Not translatable: ATTRIB CHKDSK DEBUG DELTREE DISPLAY FDAPM FORMAT HIMEMX KEYB LABEL MODE SHSUCDX Italian translation needed: HELP PKG PKGNET SVARCOM SVED Hence the "translations needed" list is not that long. The most important one I think is SvarCOM, since it is the primary shell that the user sees. The "SVED" package is the SvarDOS editor, it has very little strings so it might be a good package to translate first, just to get an idea of the process. Mateusz

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