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archives 2023

[2023-04-09] The SvarDOS community forum is open!
[2023-04-10] Call for Brazilian language speaking testers
[2023-04-10] Bug tracking wanted
[2023-05-03] Resources for DOS!
[2023-05-07] thanks
[2023-05-30] Translating Install messages
[2023-06-26] FDISK ver 1.3.6
[2023-06-26] NASM >= 2.16 is unuseable for DOS development
[2023-06-29] FDISK development news
[2023-07-16] local repository copy
[2023-07-31] Two panel file manager
[2023-08-06] SVED, the SvarDOS editor
[2023-08-09] Support swiss QWERTZ
[2023-08-13] How to access the FreeDOS help?
[2023-08-16] SvarDOS MORE (a small "MORE" tool)
[2023-08-26] SvarDOS fits on a single 1.44M floppy now
[2023-11-12] ASM6502
[2023-11-16] Enhanced DR-DOS kernel package for SvarDOS
[2023-11-18] lDebug 6